When the light barrier of the module is interrupted, the signal coming from the module itself is also interrupted.

Pin assignment

Code example Arduino

Pin assignment Arduino

Arduino Sensor
pin 10 signal
5V +V
ground GND
Arduino Sensor
Pin 13 LED+
ground LED-

This is a sample program that lights up an LED when a signal is detected at the sensor. The modules KY-011, KY-016 or KY-029 can also be used as LEDs, for example.

int Led = 13 ;// declaration of the LED output pin
int Sensor = 10 ;// Declaration of the sensor input pin
int val; // Temporary variable
void setup ()
  pinMode (Led, OUTPUT) ; // Initialize output pin
  pinMode (Sensor, INPUT) ; // Initialize sensor pin
  digitalWrite(Sensor, HIGH) ; // Activate internal pull-up resistor
void loop ()
  val = digitalRead (Sensor) ; // The current signal at the sensor is read out
  if (val == HIGH) // If a signal could be detected, the LED is switched on.
    digitalWrite (Led, LOW);
    digitalWrite (Led, HIGH);

Sample program download


Code example Raspberry Pi

Pin assignment Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Sensor
GPIO 24 [Pin 18 Signal
3.3V [Pin 1] +V
Ground [Pin 6] GND

This is a similar example program with the difference that here no LED is lit but something is output to the console when a signal is detected.

# Import the needed modules and set them up
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
# Here the input pin is declared, to which the sensor is connected. Additionally the PullUP resistor at the input will be activated
GPIO.setup(GPIO_PIN, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down = GPIO.PUD_UP)
print ("Sensor test [press CTRL+C to exit test]")
# This outputFunction is executed on signal detection
def outputFunction(null):
        print("Signal detected")
# When a signal is detected (falling signal edge) the output function is executed
GPIO.add_event_detect(GPIO_PIN, GPIO.FALLING, callback=outputFunction, bouncetime=100) 
# main program loop
    while True:
# clean up after the program is finished
except KeyboardInterrupt:

Sample program download


Zu starten mit dem Befehl:

sudo python3 KY010-RPi.py

Codebeispiel Micro:Bit

Anschlussbelegung Micro:Bit:

Micro:Bit Sensor
Pin 1 Signal
3V +V
Masse GND

Hierbei handelt es sich um ein MakeCode Beispiel für Micro:Bit welches essenziel das gleiche macht wie die Beispiele der anderen beiden Varianten. Jedoch ist dieses Beispiel eher näher an das Beispiel des Raspberry Pi angelehnt als an das Beispiel des Arduino.

Sample program download